In the UAE, where can I get a house or apartment for rent?

There can be seen an apparent increase in the number of interested investors looking to buy property in prime areas of Dubai to rent out. As a result, during the World Cup, the rental market segment was expected and did perform exceptionally well. Rising rents in the town encourage tenants to buy property even as interest rates rise. In August, average flat rents increased by 24.9 percent, while average villa rents increased by 24.2 percent. Keep this handy blog in mind for the best areas to rent a house in Dubai for 2022 for buyers and tenants looking to rent houses. 

People look for connectivity and affordability when renting a home in Dubai, and with a thriving residential portfolio, the city is not short on places to live. This year, Dubai’s real estate market got off to its best start in more than a decade. Property prices and rents have risen as a result of the emirate’s strong recovery following Covid-19 and the success of Expo 2020 Dubai. 

Here are our top picks where you find a house or an apartment for rent in Dubai

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1. Dubai Silicone Oasis

Potential tenants are interested in renting a property in Dubai Silicon Oasis for a variety of reasons. For starters, the neighbourhood has a good selection of affordable units suitable for single professionals, couples, and families. Second, the many fitness centres and gyms in Dubai Silicon Oasis make DSO ideal for those looking to live an active lifestyle. Furthermore, many grocery stores and supermarkets in DSO allow residents to meet their daily needs quickly. 

Tenants have a plethora of options when it comes to apartments for rent in Silicon Oasis Dubai. AED 33k is the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment. Those looking for more space can opt for 2-bed flats for rent, which average AED 53k. While there are fewer villas for rent in Dubai Silicon Oasis than apartments, they are in high demand among prospective tenants. The average rent for a three-bedroom house in Cedre Villas is AED 140,000. However, a 5-bed house in DSO can cost up to AED 180k. 

2. Discovery Garden 

One of the best residential areas in Dubai. Discovery Gardens, a master project by Nakheel, has a sufficient number of affordable apartments for rent and is located relatively close to business landmarks such as Dubai Marina, Jebel Ali, JLT, and others. Furthermore, due to the neighbourhood’s proximity to attractions such as the Dubai Miracle Garden, Ibn Battuta Mall, and Dubai Parks and Resorts, there is sufficient demand for Discovery Gardens apartments for rent. 

Nonetheless, the availability of low-cost apartments for rent in Discovery Gardens is not the only reason the neighbourhood is appealing. It is well-planned, with lots of green space and visually appealing features. In terms of average annual rent, studios in Discovery Gardens cost AED 32k, one bed costs AED 48k, and two beds cost AED 76k. 

3. Mirdif

The demand for Mirdif properties skyrocketed a few years ago. There are many green areas, children’s play areas, and paved roads, making it one of the best places for families to live in Dubai. Mirdif is close to Mushrif Park and has good amenities and facilities. Families are drawn to Mirdif when leasing or purchasing because it is home to some of Dubai’s top schools. Furthermore, the nearby City Centre Mirdif provides a variety of retail and dining options. 
Mirdif rents are relatively low when compared to other areas of Dubai. In terms of rental costs, 1-bedroom apartments for rent in Mirdif typically cost around AED 44k per year. AED 60k is the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment. Mirdif villas range in size from 2 to 5 bedrooms. A 3-bedroom villa in Mirdif costs AED 91k on average, while a 4-bed house costs AED 119k and a 5-bed house costs AED 123k. 

4. International City

International City Dubai has long been known for its affordable housing, convenient location, and other amenities. If you want to live in a community without paying a high price, International City is a good option. There are a variety of houses available for rent on a yearly basis. Comfortable studio apartments for rent in Phase 2 start at AED 23k per year. 1-bedroom apartments in Phase 2 rent for an average of AED 30k per year. The average annual rent for large 2-bedroom apartments for rent in Phase 2 is AED 40k. 

The England and Italy Clusters, in particular, have some of the lowest rents in International City. The average annual rent for studios in both clusters is AED 17,000. Apart from rental apartment complexes, International City also has large townhouses or attached villas. Warsan Village, for example, is located on the outskirts of the International City and offers affordable three-bedroom villas. Do you want to rent a villa in Warsan Village? The average price for these units is AED 85k, which is relatively low when compared to other villa communities in Dubai. 

5. Al Nahda Dubai

Al Nahda is a cosy neighbourhood that is conveniently located and close to the dynamic emirate of Sharjah. South Asian tenants have access to a plethora of malls, shops, schools, and restaurants. Actually, it is one of the most popular destinations for Pakistani expats in Dubai. For those looking to live in a well-connected district, there are numerous housing options. Furthermore, those who prefer public transportation will find Al Nahda to be one of the best places to live in Dubai for non-drivers.  

Al Nahda Metro Station serves Al Qusais and the surrounding areas. Buses running from Deira City Centre connect to Al Nahda 1. Al Nahda evolved from an industrial zone to now house massive residential buildings in two sub-districts (Al Nahda 1 and 2). Al Nahda is popular among families, singles, and expats due to the low cost of apartment rentals and the variety of property layouts. 

Al Nahda property for rent Dubai offers everything from low-cost studio apartments to spacious four-bedroom homes. The average annual rent for a studio in Al Nahda is AED 27k, while one-bedroom apartments cost between AED 25k and AED 48k. A 2-bedroom house in Al Nahda is 1,300 square feet and costs AED 46k per year on average. Furthermore, leasing larger houses such as 3-bed apartments and 4-bed apartments in Al Nahda may cost you between AED 65k and AED 80k. 

6. Rashidiya

Al Rashidiya is simply referred to as Rashidiya in Dubai. Residents will notice numerous government offices, shopping malls, and other points of interest. Al Rashidiya is mostly made up of villas, making it ideal for families looking for a home in the heart of old Dubai. Al Rashidiya Dubai is also close to numerous transportation options. Rashidiya is one of the best residential areas in Dubai for non-drivers, with a metro station and numerous bus routes. There are also parks, libraries, schools, and numerous shops. Dubai Public Library is located here. Al Rashidiya is one of Dubai’s best public libraries.The detached villas range in size from three to six bedrooms. Most villas in Al Rashidiya are massive structures with plot sizes ranging from 3,500 to 10,000 square feet or more. Al Rashidiya rental apartments are the most convenient option for small families and singles. These residential houses are available with one or two bedrooms. A 1-bedroom apartment in Al Rashidiya costs AED 46k per year on average, while spacious 2-bedroom rental apartments cost AED 63k per year. A three-bedroom rental villa in Rashidiya costs between AED 80k and AED 90k. 

7. Dubai Marina

In Dubai Marina, there are over 200 residential towers, each with stunning views of the emirate and the harbour. The location provides tenants with a vibrant neighbourhood lifestyle. It is geared toward apartment living, though there are a few high-tech podium villas to pique investors’ interest in purchasing villas. Dubai Marina apartments for rent range from studios to 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom apartments, as well as lavish penthouses with 5 or more bedrooms. 

Rental rates for studios in Dubai Marina start at AED 27k, while 1-bedroom apartments range from AED 34k to AED 800k. The starting annual rental rate for larger 2-bedroom apartments in Dubai Marina is AED 50k. The annual rent for a three-bedroom apartment ranges from AED 70k to AED 350k. The average annual rental price for 4-bed flats is AED 186k. Annual rent for 5-bedroom penthouses ranges from AED 229k to AED 850k. The community also has huge 2 to 5-bedroom villas for rent. A 3-bedroom villa, for example, can be leased for AED 120k to AED 255k per year. A 4-bed house rents for an average of AED 373k per month. 

8. JVC

Jumeirah Village Circle Homes Dubai provides a unique selection of urban living options in a village neighbourhood to the emirate’s large population. Those who live in JVC appreciate the tranquil ambiance of the area, which is surrounded by leafy gardens and canals, providing a much-needed sense of tranquillity in a bustling metropolis like Dubai. One of the reasons why expats and Emiratis prefer to rent and buy properties in JVC appears to be its family-oriented environment. Expat families in the emirate appear to enjoy living here, owing to the abundance of schools, parks, and wellness centres. Because of its attractive pricing and high rental yields, the area has become popular among real estate investors. 

In terms of affordability, a studio apartment in Jumeirah Village Circle can be rented for around AED 29k per year. The 1-bedroom flats in Jumeirah Village Circle cost around AED 45k, while 2-bedroom apartments in the area cost around AED 65k on average. 

Furthermore, 3-bedroom flats in JVC are proposed for annual rents ranging from AED 62k to AED 125k. Assume you prefer top-floor apartments with a view. In that case, JVC has an exclusive selection of 2 to 4-bedroom penthouses for rent starting at AED 65,000. Villas and townhouses in JVC are also available for a reasonable starting rent of AED 71k, making them ideal for families seeking a little more privacy and freedom. There are 2-to-5-bedroom villas available for rent. A traditional three-bedroom house in JVC can be leased for AED 96k per year. A 4-bedroom house can be leased for AED 124k per year. 


This concludes our evaluation of the best areas in Dubai to Rent a House. Each of the areas mentioned above is a popular shopping, dining, and entertainment destination for locals. 

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