What are Rent to Own Villas in Dubai? Why Should I Consider It?

The Dubai property market has been witnessing a consistent influx of new supply, leading developers to implement innovative payment plans to attract a wider range of potential buyers. One such strategy that has garnered substantial attention is the concept of rent to own properties. This approach has become increasingly popular among first-time homebuyers as it eliminates the financial burden of a substantial down payment.


The implementation of such initiatives not only provides access to a larger pool of buyers but also represents a mutually beneficial arrangement for both parties involved. This has proven to be an effective method for developers to sell their built-up stock while providing aspiring homeowners with an attainable path towards homeownership. 

What are Rent to Own Villas in Dubai?

The concept of “rent to own” properties has been gaining popularity in the Dubai real estate market, as it provides a unique opportunity for individuals to transition from renting to home ownership. This process involves leasing a property for a predetermined period, with a portion of the rent payments contributing towards the eventual down payment on the property. 


This arrangement not only allows individuals to build equity in a home, but it also provides a feasible solution for those who may not have the upfront capital to purchase a property outright. By opting for a rent to own arrangement, individuals can lay a solid foundation towards eventual homeownership, rather than simply incurring the costs of renting. 


The concept of rent to own villas in Dubai offers a mutually beneficial arrangement for both the developer and the potential homebuyer, providing access to a broader pool of buyers and offering a unique solution for those seeking to transition from renting to home ownership. 

Is this a Legally Recognized Agreement in Dubai?

Yes! The Dubai Land Department has established the Ijarah (Rent-to-Own) service along with a dedicated title deed registry to provide a comprehensive legal framework for such arrangements. 

Ijarah vs Ejari

Ijarah and Ejari are two related but distinct concepts in the context of real estate in Dubai. 


Ijarah refers to the Islamic finance principle of rent-to-own, where a buyer pays a rent for a property with the option to purchase the property later. This concept is recognized and regulated by the Dubai Land Department (DLD) through its Ijarah service. 


Ejari, on the other hand, is a mandatory online registration system for all tenancy contracts in Dubai. It is administered by the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) and is designed to ensure that all rental agreements in Dubai are properly documented and registered. The Ejari system helps to provide greater transparency and protection for both tenants and landlords.  

How Does Rent-to-Own Work?

The concept of rent to own Villas in Dubai essentially involves an agreement between a developer and a buyer, where a portion of the rental payments are allocated towards a down payment. This arrangement enables the buyer to make progress towards a down payment while paying rent simultaneously. 


In some cases, rent to own schemes may extend over a longer period, such as 20 years. The upfront payment required in these situations is typically in the range of 5% or lower, a substantial decrease compared to the standard 25% required for a traditional mortgage, along with additional upfront costs. 


Instead of obtaining a mortgage, the buyer makes monthly payments to the developer, thereby paying off the property in the process. The completion of the agreed timeframe results in the buyer having the option to either purchase the property or exit the agreement. 


It is important to note that the rent in a rent-to-own scheme may be higher than the market rate. However, this premium can be justified by the convenience factor it offers the buyer, who may otherwise struggle to save for a down payment. 


Thus, rent to own schemes represent a viable alternative for individuals facing difficulties in saving for a down payment or obtaining a mortgage. By offering a flexible and more accessible path to homeownership, rent to own schemes have the potential to greatly increase the number of individuals who can fulfill their dream of owning a home. 

Types of Rent to Own Agreements

Option to Purchase: This scheme provides the buyer with the opportunity to acquire the right to purchase a property later by paying an option fee, which is a pre-determined percentage of the property’s eventual purchase price. It is important to note that if the buyer chooses not to proceed with the purchase, the option fee paid would be forfeited. 


Purchase Agreement: Prior to entering into a purchase agreement, the buyer and developer negotiate and agree upon all relevant terms. These may include a fixed purchase price that is determined upfront or a future valuation that will be conducted at a specified date. In either scenario, the terms will be agreed upon by both parties prior to the initiation of the agreement. 

Merits and Consequences of Rent to Own Villas in Dubai

A rent to own agreement could be beneficial to both parties. Let’s look at some of its advantages and disadvantages.

If you are a landlord (seller)

  • Eliminate the Challenges in Selling a property: Consider exploring the possibility of implementing a rent-to-own scheme. This approach may help you attract potential buyers who are interested in eventually purchasing the property. 
  • Mitigate Double Mortgage Concerns: If you have recently acquired another property and are concerned about paying a double mortgage, rent to own villas in Dubai, may be a viable solution. By providing an option to purchase, you can alleviate financial strain and potentially find a buyer for your property. 
  • Maintenance Savings: Another advantage of rent to own villas in Dubai is that it can potentially reduce maintenance costs in the long term. This is due to the fact that the tenant, who is also the potential buyer, would be motivated to take care of the property during the rental period. 

If you are a tenant (buyer)

  • If your credit score is below the standard range, rent to own villas in Dubai presents an opportunity for you to increase your creditworthiness or to establish it from scratch. By opting for a rent-to-own agreement, you will have ample time to enhance your credit score, setting yourself up for a brighter financial future. 
  • For individuals facing financial constraints, such as a low income and inadequate reserves, the rent to own villas in Dubai may provide a feasible solution.  
  • One of the key benefits of the rent to own villas in Dubai is the ability for a portion of the rental payments to be credited towards the eventual mortgage down payment. This can provide a sense of financial relief for aspiring homeowners, who are able to put their rental payments towards their future home purchase. 
  • Maintenance and repairs will also be your responsibility, unlike regular tenants (but if you are firm in your decision, that isn’t critical). 


Considering that it is a buyers’ market, with property prices at a low, this represents an excellent opportunity, which can be a good alternative for those who are currently unable to obtain a mortgage. By providing this facility, purchasers are given the opportunity to spend time carefully contemplating and preparing a mortgage plan, without being rushed into it. 


In case you are considering buying a property, you may also want to look at it yourself, to make sure it is the right fit for you.  Feel free to contact our agents for more information regarding rent-to-own villas in Dubai by calling 800 475236.