Top 10 Neighbourhoods in Dubai to Live In

Dubai is one of the best cities in the world to live and travel, owing to its majestic skyscrapers, extravagant lifestyle, and premium services. People travel from all over the world to this captivating Emirate because of its astounding fusion of glamor and elegance. The city is a fantastic destination for tourists, but it’s also a great location to live. Dubai is home to several ultra-luxurious houses, but there are other areas where you can find moderately priced flats with all necessary amenities and comforts to buy or rent. 

Whether you are looking for luxurious or moderate living experience, Dubai has got it all!  

Here are the 10 cheapest neighbourhoods in Dubai to live in

In any part of the world, it can be difficult to find affordable residential communities with high-quality built-in infrastructure; however, IFRE is the go-to place for individuals looking for less expensive property in Dubai. Continue reading to see the neighbourhoods that have a variety of things working in their favour! 

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1. Dubai Sports City

A study revealed that Dubai Sports City is the area where people go most often to locate affordable apartments to rent. As the name implies, Dubai Sports City is the location of countless sporting facilities. The Football Academy and The Els Club, two of Dubai Sports City’s top destinations for championship golf courses, are the most popular sporting venues.


This location offers all the modern amenities needed for daily living, as well as convenient access to shops, supermarkets, restaurants, and schools. Numerous public transit options, including cabs and buses, are easily accessible. The F34 bus, which connects to the Dubai Internet City Metro, is also available for people who want to ride the Dubai Metro. 

2. Discovery Gardens

Another desirable neighbourhood in Dubai where you could find an affordable apartment is Discovery Gardens. Discovery Gardens, as the name suggests, is a family-friendly area with acres of lush landscaping. It is situated between Sheikh Zayed Road and Emirates Road.


In Discovery Gardens, there are six themed clusters with a total of about 300 structures. This area in Dubai, which has a number of inexpensive rental apartments, provides simple access to beautiful gardens, medical facilities, sports fields, and retail stores. The residents of Discovery Gardens can easily travel throughout Dubai thanks to the neighbourhood’s own metro station. 

3. Dubai Production City (IMPZ)

Dubai Production City, known as the International Media Production Zone (IMPZ), is the perfect spot for people working in one of the local media production firms to live. This neighbourhood is one of the most affordable places to buy a home in Dubai and is conveniently situated on the emirate’s outskirts next to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. It is a self-sufficient region where you may take advantage of nearby amenities including mosques, restaurants, and schools.


In Dubai Production City, there is also a comprehensive shopping and entertainment area for the residents. Here, you may find a number of contemporary apartments with a wide range of comforts and services. 

4. International City

International City is Dubai’s second-most popular neighbourhood for finding inexpensive rental housing. It is divided into residential clusters with a variety of national themes, including Greece, Persian, Morocco, Spain, Italy, France, England, China, and the United Arab Emirates. Clinics, schools, retail establishments, and Dubai’s most well-liked shopping centre, Dragon Mart, are all conveniently located nearby. If you are looking for affordable rental apartments in International City, you have many options.  There are studio apartments, 1-Bed Units, 2-Bedroom units, and 3-Bedroom apartments available. 

5. Al Warsan

Al Warsan, a mixed-use neighbourhood featuring affordable flats for rent in Dubai, located adjacent to International City. This region is separated into four distinct sub-communities that provide quick access to a number of eateries and schools. The Al Warsan rental flats are ideal for people looking for a place to live that requires little maintenance. 

6. Dubai Residence Complex

In comparison to other areas in Dubai, Dubai Residence Complex is a new development with affordable housing options. Due to its advantageous location along the Emirates Road and Dubai-Al Ain Road, it is tucked away in the bustling neighbourhood of Dubai Land and provides easy access to all the city’s major Due to its advantageous location along the Emirates Road and Dubai-Al Ain Road, it is tucked away in the bustling neighbourhood of Dubai Land and provides easy access to all the city’s major districts.

The residents have access to all necessary amenities, including supermarkets and schools. In addition, Dubai Residence Complex is just a 7-minute drive from The Outlet Mall, a well-known mall in Dubai, and a 20-minute drive from Jumeirah Beach, a popular entertainment destination. The neighbourhood offers a nice selection of apartments, including studios and 2-bedroom homes. 

7. Dubai South

A study found that Dubai South is yet another area of the city where people go to rent apartments at reasonable prices. The Al Maktoum International Airport and the renowned Dubai World Expo are both located in this autonomous region. Over the past few years, Dubai South has become a popular destination for people looking to rent apartments. The intriguing thing is that Dubai South’s rental apartments accommodate tenants’ shifting desires. For singles, couples, and small families searching for reasonably priced housing in Dubai, these flats are perfect. 


Liwan, a freehold neighbourhood situated between Al Ain Road and Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, may be worth looking at if you’re looking for affordable rental apartments in Dubai. With many amenities and conveniences, Liwan residents can live comfortably. The average cost of a studio in Liwan is AED 25k per year. As an alternative, you can choose from 1-Bed units, 2-Bedroom flats, and 3-Bedroom apartments, which will cost you, on average, AED 28k, AED 41k, and AED 59k each year, respectively. 

9. Dubai World Trade Centre

Near Al Maktoum International Airport and the Dubai World Expo site, Dubai World Central (DWC) is a section of the Dubai South Development. There are countless possibilities available if you’re seeking for affordable flats in Dubai World Central. The annual average rent for studio apartments in this region is AED 32k, while the annual average cost for 1-bedroom flats is AED 35k. 

10. Downtown Jebel Ali

Downtown Jebel Ali is another prominent neighbourhood for inexpensive apartments in Dubai. The neighbourhood is located along Sheikh Zayed Road, provides all the comforts and amenities required for a comfortable life. With easy access to many grocery stores and places of worship, downtown Jebel Ali ensures a balanced living in Dubai. It is dispersed over four distinct zones, each of which has a number of mid-rise complexes and buildings, plazas, and parks. There are plenty of options for those looking for inexpensive rental flats in Downtown Jebel Ali. 

Top Luxury Neighbourhoods in Dubai to Live in


Expect the greatest family-friendly investment areas when looking at affluent districts of Dubai.  Imagine luxurious penthouse residences and elegant villas with swimming pools and beautifully maintained gardens that are surrounded by the outdoors and have a great climate all year long. 

Luxury and cosmopolitan lifestyles blend flawlessly with real estate to provide homebuyers with an unimaginable utopia. So let’s examine Dubai’s greatest luxury neighbourhoods for living. 

1. Downtown Dubai

Northwest of Downtown Dubai, between Sheikh Zayed and Financial Center roads, is home to numerous high-rise penthouse residences and opulent villas surrounded by greenery. There are several property purchasers drawn to the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa skyscraper, which adds to the appeal of this area for luxury living. Buyers can enjoy unparalleled views of the Arabian Gulf and the Dubai Fountains if you carefully select your spot. In Downtown Dubai, buyers of real estate invest in some of the best architecture ever built in the Emirates. 

Top 10 Neighbourhoods in Dubai to Live In
Top 10 Neighbourhoods in Dubai to Live In

2. Al Barari

With 80% of its area being green spaces and more than 1500 plant types, Al Barari has another feather in its crown because it prioritizes environmental enjoyment in addition to luxurious living. A themed district like the Mediterranean or a wooded park sits between five neighbourhoods. Al Barari, one of the priciest neighbourhoods in Dubai for renting and purchasing real estate, shows that opulence and environmentally friendly living don’t have to be outrageously expensive. Spas, gardens, and fitness clubs are just a few of the social amenities that residents can use. 

3. Dubai Marina

Marina offers opulent lives that mix sophistication and fun.  Dubai takes the lead with the largest constructed waterfront in the world, which was developed in 2003. Given the rising demand from elite social circles in Emirates society, prices are extremely high while providing distinct European feelings. With impeccable streets, upscale restaurants and shopping, and a modern, trendy vibe, property investors can expect the best. Dubai Marina Walk, a hub of the neighborhood, frequently welcomes a large number of owners of luxury yachts. 

top 10 neigbourhoods in dubai to live in
top 10 neighbourhoods in dubai to live in

4. Emirates Hills

The name is self-explanatory; it was chosen to represent Dubai’s equivalent of Beverly Hills in America. The Emirates Hills are home to a large population of affluent expats from Middle Eastern, European, and Asian nations. In keeping with upscale neighbourhoods, Emirates Hills features golf courses where guests can socialize and partake in upscale activities in addition to its elegant and sophisticated luxury villas. Emirate Hills is a part of the larger, naturally themed Emirates Living development. The Hattan, Meadows, Lakes, and Springs neighbourhoods are further broken down, highlighting the magnificence of mother nature. 

5. Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeriah is known to all. From a bird’s eye perspective, the manmade island resembles a palm tree and is highly praised globally. This upscale neighborhood offers villas and penthouse suites as well as a seaside ambience with stunning views of the Persian Gulf. However, Palm Jumeriah places a high value on privacy and discretion and invites extremely wealthy foreigners who come to enjoy the lavish dining, shopping, and entertainment scenes.  

top 10 neighbourhoods to live in Dubai


With myriad of options available in an ever-evolving city like Dubai, it can be a tedious task to look for the most ideal property. This is exactly where IFRE steps in as the most reliable real estate company in Dubai. All you need to do is get in touch with us. Our experts will find you the right neighbourhood and property.